Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking available? 

Yes, you can park in the Tescos car park for free for up to 3hrs. 

Do I need to bring my instrument with me? 

Yes, everyone needs to bring their own instruments, this includes drummers and keyboard players. Also, anyone who plays an instrument that needs amplification needs to bring their own amp. There is no piano or pa available. 

Do I need to bring a music stand? 

Yes, you will need a music stand. 

What else should I bring? 

All sheet music will be supplied for tunes that we are playing, but some manuscript paper and a pencil is always useful to make notes with. A recording device can also be very helpful. 

Is the workshop open to singers? 

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate singers. 

Is the workshop open to under 18s? 

Yes, the workshop is open to all ages, although it is intended for and focussed on adult learning, so may not be suitable for very young children. 

I'm only a beginner. Will it be suitable for me? 

The workshop will naturally include a reasonably "mixed ability" group and shall attempt to offer something for most levels. However, it is not suitable for complete beginners (ie: someone who only just bought their first instrument last week) and it does not include any instrumental tuition. You would be expected to be able to play a chromatic scale on the full range of your instrument and know your major scales. As a very rough guide, a minimum of grade 3-4 standard is recommended, although no certificates will be required. 

I've never improvised before, will this be a problem? 

Not at all. You will be given several methods for getting started.